Campus Directory | Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Mohamed Abdou [email protected]
Instructor, Chemistry
+1 215 881 7959
Corbin Abernathy [email protected]
Instructor, Performing Arts
Stefani Abreu [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology
Adjunct Instructor, Health Humanities
Woodland, 336 215-881-7546
Adeel Ajaib, Ph.D. [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Information Technology
Woodland, 219
Abigail O. Akande, Ph.D., CRC [email protected]
Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation and Human Services
Cloverly, 209 215-881-7915
Sa'arah Alhouti, Ph.D. [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Business
Sutherland, 410 215-881-7300
Iqra Ameer, Ph.D. [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Computer Science
Sutherland, 407 215-881-7330
Charles Archer, Ph.D. [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, English
Cynthia Armijo [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Criminal Justice
Sutherland, 310A
Ahmad Audi [email protected]
Instructor of Chemistry
Andrew August, Ph.D. [email protected]
Interim Chancellor, Penn State Abington
Professor, History
Sutherland, 115A 215-881-7315
Abbey Auxter [email protected]
Instructor, Mathematics
Robert Avanzato, M.S. [email protected]
Associate Professor, Engineering
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Program Coordinator, Engineering
Coordinator of MDE Option
Rydal, 202 215-881-7358
Friederike Baer, Ph.D. [email protected]
Division Head, Arts and Humanities
Program Chair, Race and Ethnic Studies
Associate Professor, History
Early American History, Public History, American Studies
Sutherland, 119 215-881-7593
Dianbin Bao [email protected]
Instructor, Mathematics
L. Stewart Barbera [email protected]
Sutherland, 324 215-881-7546
Bekir Baytas [email protected]
Instructor of Physics
Thomas Bell [email protected]
Instructor, Mathematics
Jacob Benfield, Ph.D. [email protected] Woodland, 236g
Eric Benshetler [email protected]
Lecturer, Business
Sutherland, 307 215-881-7335
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